How to use a tow dolly

June 13, 2019

Using a tow dolly

There are various circumstances that may make it necessary to acquire a tow dolly. For instance, you may have just bought a recreational vehicle and you want to go for a camping trip. The need to tow a spare car along will have you acquire a tow dolly. The other scenario can be moving with your family in a moving truck with two other cars but only two drivers. The solution will be towing one of the cars behind the truck, and guess what you will need a tow dolly.

Purpose of a tow dolly

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A tow dolly serves the purpose of lifting the front wheels of the car being towed. The individual situations will determine the suitability of using the tow dolly. Any automatic car that is front wheel driven can be towed using a dolly. The other purpose involves the car odometer. In some cars, rolling the wheels even with the ignition off will add miles to the odometer. Lifting the front wheels eliminates this issue since the dolly helps to maintain the odometer reading. An important thing to note is that different kinds of dollies exist. It is mandatory to find out which one will make the most sense to use on your vehicle.

Choosing a dolly

It can be very confusing when you need to choose between a dolly and the other towing equipment in the market. You must keep in mind the type of vehicle you want to tow. It affects the decision as to whether you will just hook it up and tow or if you will need some kind of modifications. The main challenge crops us if you have a four-wheel drive car or a rear driven car. Whether you have a manual or automatic car is a factor that will also come into play. It is thus best to consult the vehicle manufacturers manual to determine the suitable method of towing. Some vehicles will need some minor tweak to make them ready for this kind of towing while some are good to go. Others might be more challenging or worse still unsuitable. Tow dollies help in avoiding the expenses of lifting all the four wheels.

Weight and width of the car

It is fundamental to know the weight of the vehicle to be towed. Furthermore, you must also beware of the weight ratings of the tow truck and the hitches to be used. A tow dolly is sufficient for hauling a sedan. A large SUV will need bigger and stronger equipment. Similarly, you must consider the weight ratio between the car being hauled and the towing vehicle. Exceeding certain weight limits will put you in great danger. Also, put in mind the width of the car you are towing because different dollies have different width limits.


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