Scrath and Help Fundraiser

How It Works

Each member of your fundraising group receives a customized Scratch HelpĀ® fundraising booklet
with your group’s name and logo. The fundraising booklet has 50 scratch off circles with hidden
donation amounts ranging from $.50 to $3.00 in easy to add increments of 25 cents.
(i.e. $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, $1.25 etc...)

It's As Easy As A-B-C!

Your fundraising members approach friends, family and neighbors asking them to scratch two
or more circles for their donation amount. In return, the donor receives a sheet of
valuable coupons from our sponsors (10 coupons per sheet) as a 'thank you' for their fundraising contribution. storage containers in Bismarck

storage containers in Corona CA

storage containers in Carlsbad

storage containers Boise ID

Supreme Storage Containers Saint Joseph MO

storage containers in Brooklyn Park MN

Supreme Storage Containers Billings MT

Roanoke storage containers

storage Pittsburgh

Supreme Storage Containers Gainesville FL

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Bakersfield storage container

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Each booklet contains 30 sheets of coupons, normally only 25 sheets will be used, but there’s
5 extra sheets if needed. Your group member then takes the booklet and continues asking other people
to scratch and donate until it is completely uncovered. Once all circles have been scratched off,
the fundraising booklet produces $100 in donations.

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