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Global Skyship Industries, Inc. and its sister company, Airship Operations, Inc. own and operate airships -- or blimps, as they are commonly called -- for commercial advertising, military and government applications throughout the world. The company operates the most technically advanced airships in production today -- the Skyship Series, which are certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for day and night passenger flight. Additional worldwide certifications have been awarded from the CAA (England), JCAB (Japan), KCAB (Korea) and the CAA (Australia). 

On December 12, 1996 Aviation Support Group, Ltd, the parent company of Airship Operations, Inc. purchased Westinghouse Airships, Inc. and Westinghouse Surveillance Systems, Ltd. from Westinghouse Electric Corporation. These companies were renamed Global Skyship Industries, Inc. and Global Skyship Industries, Ltd. Today Global Skyship Industries is the Type Certificate holder and manufacturer of the largest, most technologically advanced airships in the world.

Airship Operations, Inc. builds, operates, trains and supports Skyships and crews for clients worldwide. 


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…and the bride recruited her guests at the airports

So they have baptized the guests of Susana the odyssey that supposed to arrive at their wedding in this English town with wedding photo booth hire sydney. A link ‘boycotted’ by the strike of air traffic controllers of the past Bridge of the Constitution. With the godmother wandering for five days in Barajas, the family of the bride undertaking a rally towards Faro (Portugal) and friends renting several cars to get to Porto because from Spain it was impossible to fly. And with the couple, whose claims are being handled by the law firm Cremades & Calvo Sotelo, delaying the event because only they arrived on time.

The couple lives in Madrid, but met in Chichester, a town in southern England where they stayed for four years. It was an illusion that it was the setting for their link. And there they all went with their best clothes …But traveling was not going to be so easy.

“The nonsense started a week earlier,” says Amaya, a friend of the bride, and one of the people who set out on the adventure to see her say yes, I want to. “They were going to go beforehand to get everything ready, but Gatwick airport (London) closed on Monday, November 29 by snow, and they were diverted to Paris. On Wednesday, four days before the wedding, the bride remained seated on French soil with Her dress in her arms, “says Amaya.

Meanwhile, the mother of the groom and his brother had to fly from Venezuela. And the meteorology also conspired against them: the heavy rains that lashed the country those days prevented them from catching their flight in time and when they finally arrived in Madrid on Wednesday 1, they found that they could not link with England because of the snow. So there was the godmother, day at the airport and at night, in a hotel, waiting for the green pilot to exit.

The light went on Friday morning in the morning, but for such a short space of time that it hardly allowed them to warm up engines: Gatwick opened its tracks just as air traffic controllers shut down Spain to and fro. “We could not believe our friends and the family of the bride had to fly at 17.30, so we went to Barajas about 15.00 and we checked in and everything, then they told us that the flight was delayed an hour and a half, and when We were waiting, we saw on the internet that the drivers had not gone to work . ” It can not be true, they thought, they had prepared to fight against the elements, not against the workers. The next information they received was that their flight had been canceled. The ordeal was beginning.

“No one told us anything, there were tremendous queues to make claims and no one was able to tell us what was going to happen,” said Amaya. So they set up a crisis cabinet – “she is our lifelong friend and we had to be at her wedding” – and they chose to fly Sunday from Oporto, for a payment of 100 euros. Meanwhile, as they were left alone in England, the bride and groom convinced the City Council to delay the link until the following Monday.

At this point the guests were divided. The friends rented two cars and on Saturday at noon departed for Porto. They could not fly until Sunday, but news of cancellations in Portugal was already coming out and they were afraid of losing that plane too. ” They were diverting to Portugal the flights that had to arrive to Spain from South America , and of course, there was no space for take-offs.” The Portuguese had to cover those days with airport charges, “says Amaya . The bride’s family, on the other hand, chose to leave from Faro and the godmother and the Venezuelan sector stayed in Barajas waiting for a way.

“We all tried to find solutions, but there were people who could not go: those who did not have the bridge and had to work on Monday, those who had children and could not complicate more … In the end, about 20 were without a wedding, ” Amaya. Among them, Susana’s maid of honor.

After a 53-hour journey, the guests finally arrived at the banquet. “We had to rent two cars, drive 500 kilometers, make a night in Porto, leave the cars there , go to the wedding, pick them up and drive to Madrid, but it could be done, with all shattered but happy,” Amaya concludes proudly. . Susana and her husband will celebrate an anniversary marked by one of the wildest contentiousness in the history of Spain.

Special locksmiths for Old Airport

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Gold taps on a plane? Air Force One versus Trump Force One

Trump could not wait to be the most powerful man in the world. Compare your plane with that of President Obama

What Trump wants is to compete right now with the plane of the President of the United States, an emblem of national identity. Known as Air Force One (although air controllers use the codename Angel), this aircraft has many more functions than taking the president from one country to another since in 1962, during the Cold War,John Fitzgerald Kennedy had the building Their own method of transportation.

The current Air Force One is an insurmountable military strong with wings that is protected with an electromagnetic system in case of nuclear attack. If he wins the election, the now Republican candidate will have to park Trump Force One during what would undoubtedly be the 4 most unpredictable years and media in recent world politics. Will you win with this change of planes? Let’s compare them …

The most expensive

The cushions, like almost all the objects that are inside the Trump Force One, have printed the shield of the Trump family.

Donald Trump bought his private plane for 90 million euros in 2009. It is a Boeing 757-200 and is considered one of the best private aircraft in the world.The previous owner of the aircraft (built in 1991 for a Mexican airline) was Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The construction of Air Force One, estimated at about 300 million euros, did not sack the pockets of any president: it was financed with public funds. Also, keep in mind that there are actually two identical Air Force One, to ensure their availability at all times. With this total cost of 600 million between the two planes, the president is the second most expensive private aircraft in the world (the Trump would be the sixth), only behind the 660 million that costs the military aircraft B-2 Spirit, capable To neutralize nuclear weapons.

The most prohibitive flight time

Every hour in the air costs Trump something more than 7,000 euros, calderilla considering that his fortune is estimated at almost 10 billion. But the size and resources of Air Force One (a Boeing 747-200B) requires a much greater investment: 160,000 euros for each hour of flight. The advantage, obviously, is that the cost of maintenance, like the cost of construction, comes from the taxpayer’s money.

The fastest

In the master bedroom of Trump Force One, the Republican candidate relaxes between walnut and silk sheets.

Although little by little, Air Force One outpaces the lavish Trump Force One. The White House plane can reach a top speed of 1,136 km / hour, while the Trump aircraft can not exceed 1,062 km / h . 74 km / hour are what make the difference between being the president of the United States and being the aspirant to govern it.

The most luxurious

No doubt the Trump Force One is much more flamboyant than the Air Force One. Donald Trump considers it an extension of the Trump brand and for that reason did not pay in expenses to install 24-carat gold safety belts, matching with the taps of the Bath, door knobs and toilet chain. The Trump shield decorates all the doors and Donald’s face appears even in the water bottles. The curtains are silk, walnut furniture and Rolls Royce engines. Air Force One is something more minimalist, although the person in charge of decorating it (the then first lady Nancy Reagan) was inspired by southern styles with the consequent taste by the loaded one. The furniture, made of fine-grained wood,

Trump airplane toilets are equipped with faucets and gold sinks.

The one that lasts longer in the air

Air Force One has a plus that does not count the Trump Force One: it offers the possibility of refueling in the air, as we discover in that film with Harrison Ford titled very eloquently Air Force One. The plane of the president(Wolfgang Petersen , 1997). This capability allows Air Force One to fly without landing for 11,000 kilometers. However, the president’s security team prefers to make stops to reorganize, as happened on September 11, 2001. George Bush was escorted from Florida’s children’s school where he was reading a story to a few children and landed preliminarily first In Louisiana and then in Nebraska (where he read his statement to the nation) before flying to Washington.

The biggest

The 70-meter-long Air Force One is not only more impressive than Trump’s 47, but also allows the interior to accommodate a total of 270 square feet of work divided into three levels. This makes it one of the largest aircraft in the world. Air Force One has a capacity for 70 passengers, evidently not at all crowded like a low-cost but rather comfortable , although not as much as the Trump. Guests of the Republican candidate can turn their seat into a bed and see what they want on the individual screens. Given its enormous size, when Donald travels to New York Trump Force One can only land at La Guardia airport in Queens, which the Republican candidate defined as “Third World”.

The best equipped

The president wins again, at the moment, Republican aspirant to the presidency of the United States. In Air Force One, Obama has at his service a gym, a hospital and two stainless faucets equipped with to prepare 100 different menus, plus a 238-kilometer cabling to maintain the 80 different phone lines it includes. Trump, meanwhile ,has a master bedroom, one guest, a meeting room, a bar and a recreational area that includes a 52 – inch television with Donald Trump favorite movies. Among them are two that define his character to perfection: Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941) and Bloody Contact (Newt Arnold, 1988). Yes, Van Damme’s.

OBGyn’s Travel Guide and Exercise During Pregnancy

The best time to travel is the average period of pregnancy, ie between week 14 and 28. At this time most women have overcome the discomfort of the first phase of pregnancy. In the last phase of pregnancy the difficulty of moving or staying seated for a long time at the same time as increasing the risk of preterm delivery is rec- ognized. (Labor that begins before the end of the 37th Week). centreville obgyn suggested for short trips, the car is a good way to travel, make travel short for long hours traveling is heavy even when you are not pregnant.

It is advisable to travel no more than 5 to 6 hours. per day.
Precautionary measures for safe travel are not modified for pregnant women, You should wear your seat belt every time you get into the car even when your seat has airbags. To prevent accidents, wear both belts and belts on each trip. Keep your seat as far as possible from the board. 10 inches (26 cm.) If possible. Women should not turn off airbags because they are pregnant, the benefits of using air bags are greater than the risk that a woman and her baby can have in the event of an accident. If you have a shock, however small, even being a defense against defense, visit your doctor to make sure you and your baby are healthy.
Traveling by plane is almost always safe, Almost all airlines allow pregnant women to travel up to one month before delivery. Most commercial airplanes are pressurized ie the air in the cabin has more oxygen than the outside air. Most private planes are not, so if you fly in a small plane avoid flying higher than 7,000. The metal detectors at the safety points will not hurt your baby or you. Choose your seat, perhaps it is better to reserve an isolated place. It will make it easier to get up and walk every hour as well as avoid having to go over other people to go to the bathroom. Try to travel in the opposite part of the plane, there the trips are lighter, Try to travel in the seats behind the wall dividing the first class, These seats have more space and you can stretch your legs.
When traveling, walk or trace the alphabet with your feet every two hours plus you should consider wearing support pantyhose.


Avoid snow skiing, contact sports, snorkeling, weightlifting as well as squats after the first trimester of pregnancy.
Some sports are safe during pregnancy even for beginners.
• Walking is a good exercise for anyone. With an invigorating walk it is a complete exercise for the body as well as it is gentle for joints and muscles.
If you were not very active before your pregnancy, walking is an alternative to starting an exercise plan.
• Swimming is good for the body because it works several parts of the body as well as water supports your body so you avoid all kinds of injuries and stretching of the muscles, as well as help keep the body at a low temperature, which avoids Sweating between her legs.
• Cycling offers good aerobic exercise, however the growth of your belly can affect your balance, making it more prone to falls, so you should choose a stationary or stationary bike reclining in the advanced stage of your pregnancy.
• Aerobic exercises are a good choice to keep your heart and lungs strong. There are aerobics designed for pregnant women. Aqua aerobics or low impact are also very good exercise.
Other exercises: If done in moderation, these exercises are safe for women who exercise before their pregnancy.
• Running, if you ran from before your pregnancy, you can continue to do so even though you should modify your routine. Talk to your doctor about which mode of running is safe for you.
• Racquet Sports, In some racket sports such as badminton, tennis and racquetball, changing the balance can affect fast movements, which increases the risk of falls, you will have to avoid some sports of this type .
• A stretching workout will make your muscles strong and help you to prevent some common aches and pains in pregnancy.

SEO Benefits and Advantages in the Business Niche

As fundamental benefits or seo advantages most relevant to implementing an appropriate seo strategy, I would say that we could say many, but basically say the first to get quality traffic, traffic that is really interested in the services in the products in your brand, In your content and just when they are interested, in which they really perceive that they have a need, that is to say you will be visible there where your client seeks and just when they feel that need to access a content , make a reservation , Hire a service, buy a product, purchase a plane ticket, and you’ll be visible there when they need it.

SEO Advantages in the Business Niche

So that would be the first, secondly I would say that it is important from the point of view of company positioning, really many users tend to think that when they do a search in a search engine those companies, those websites that occupy the top positions , Are there because they really are the best possible results, surely the most important companies, the best professional, the best media, the best restaurant, the best hotel. In other words, users tend to think that those companies or those content that are in the top positions are precisely because they are the best possible market options.

So if we want to give our company a prestigious presence, our content, our products, occupy that first position will help us position ourselves not only in search engines but also in terms of the purchase option, that short list of different purchase options that a When you are making a decision to purchase a product or service.

Thirdly, I would say that we do implement a seo strategy properly, a well implemented strategy, to really investigate who my potential users are, my potential customers, what my target is, what needs I have, who are worried about purchasing A product or service, which motivates and translates all that into a search in a search engine.

So to get a first place you have to worry about studying the demand very well, and that in itself is already an advantage, I will know who my clients are, what motivates them to buy me, who are worried I will know what kind Of content I have to generate to respond exactly to that demand, saying let’s do what has always been done in marketing study the demand and adapt the supply to that demand, a strategy of gold coast search engine optimisation was properly implemented in comparison with other strategies where we adopt A tactic of trying to push my product towards the audience, what comes is to do is just the opposite, study the audience see what need to know my target better. Adapt my offer what is sought and be there where that target is going to try to find me.

Compared to simply trying to push here is simply to be visible where your user is looking for you and cast the hook to throw that demand and take it to our website and wait there with the motivations of purchase, the counter arguments of any power Objection, ie to be prepared for what quality visit that your website has found precisely in the search you had anticipated find on the page the answer to the need that had caused your search and while it finds generate a good ratio Of conversion becomes your client in a budget request, a reservation in a restaurant, a reservation of a hotel night, a purchase of an air ticket or any other conversion objective that you have raised for your website .

So basically that would be three of the main advantages that any website would have when correctly implementing a natural search engine positioning strategy.


It was the year 1979 and I was in the 10th. High school degree in the town of Ceiba. For one of the greatest ironies of my life I, who had terror to the dead, at the same time felt an over-natural attraction for everything related to funeral homes.Since I was a little boy I used to make funerals with the carts and I always liked to see the deceased at the wakeside even though I could not sleep at night.

I can not say that this interest came in my family, although my grandfather Nemesio was brother of Aurora Montes, wife of Cruz Andino, who in turn had funeral home De Diego Funeral Home in Santurce and his son Cruz Andino Jr. “Chan “Was embalming and worked many years in Ehret. By that time I was very small and I could not enjoy the benefit of being able to work for “Crucito” which was well liked by the other funeral directors of his time. Crucito died from complications of surgery and Aurora decided to sell the funeral home. That’s when my “familiar” relationship with the mortuary business came.

At the age of 15 I decided to visit the funeral home where Mr. Eusebio Carrasco headed his company Ceiba Funeral Home to inquire about the top mortician schools of embalmers in PR. Those who were there informed me that the embalmer was the only one who could give me details about it. In the year 1978 the last course of Mortuary Sciences offered in the vocational school Miguel Such by Mr. Ramón V. Vázquez had reached its end. From that course the embalmer of Mr. Carrasco had graduated and, as usual, after graduating embalmers did not want the others to learn so that “they did not take the work”. This guy was not much help. From the beginning he tried to discourage me and when he saw that his attempts were unsuccessful he practically voted me out of the embalming room on a hot July afternoon. You’ll never forget me. I went crying like a pendejo on the way home, which was quite far, and on the way I made a promise to myself:

“Nothing and nobody will keep me from being embalmer. I will be one of the best and I will reach rungs never achieved by any Puerto Rican embalmer. ”

Almost at the same time as the vote, I informed Mr. Carrasco about the incident and arranged a shift at his Humacao branch, Carrasco Memorial, to cover the weekends. Luis Rios was the embalmer there, and unlike the “other”, he allowed me to help him during the embalming and the questions he asked me were answered without fear. Unfortunately for reasons of Social Security and my early age of 15 years I could not work anymore and then I kept making funerals from time to time.

Upon reaching 4th year of high school I became the President of the Class 1981-1982 of Ceiba. I graduated with an average of 3.93 and as I had predicted, I went to study Mortuary Science in Mayaguez. Naturally the embalmers of the east area did not mention the course of Mayaguez and kept it with much secrecy. In fact, the course of Mayaguez years ago was offered at the same time as that of Rio Piedras but Vázquez was of better quality than that of the Sultana del Oeste. The thing is that before going to school I was asked for a letter securing the practice center. Using my connections with Chan we look for a practice center in the metro area. We tried first with La Cruz but Miguelito Guzman could not give me the chance and told Chan that he should try Ehret better. At that time Ehret had a revolú with the union but a certain Mr. González allowed me the conditioned practice to certain things. You know that in Ehret, as always, they tend to be more strict for this kind of thing than the rest of the funeral homes to give that air of exclusivity and respect that they have always been proud of. The guy asked me for a transcript of high school credits, I guess he would think he was an average student and so he wanted to see my grades. He also told me that once I finished the course I would demand a reasonable minimum average to be able to embalm the 40 cases demanded “the Board” for that time. He got a big surprise when I gave him my grades with an average of 3.93. The best came later … He said: “You will need an average of no less than 3.00 points in the Mortuary Science course to practice here.” I replied very firmly and firmly: “No, you will ask in that letter a minimum average of 3.50 to practice here.” Well, the gentleman did not hesitate any more and gave me the letter for the Mayaguez course.

When my family heard of my decision no one agreed. My mom, like all the other moms in the world, wanted me to be a doctor. My mother-in-law stopped me from wanting because I was going to be a “open dead” and even my girlfriend went to run. What I really wanted was to study a baccalaureate of Mortuary Sciences at the prestigious University of Minnesotta but my family lacked the resources to send me to the cold northern state. So I had to line my cannons elsewhere and settle for much less.


In May 2011 I was 27 years old. I became the first Puerto Rican to belong to the prestigious British organization of the British Institute of Embalmers in December of 2002. In January of 2003 I obtained the designation of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner, also the first Puerto Rican to achieve it. I have licenses in California and England and have just completed the third book of advanced techniques for embalmers in Spanish.

At the moment I live with my wife Carolyn and my children Carlitos and William in a beautiful place of Luquillo. Carlitos already became a delinquent with a perfect average of 4.00 in the Lyceum of Art and Technology and is currently studying Architecture at the University of PR. William graduates with honors from the 12th. Degree and will follow the steps in the business of music and computers. Both attended with me to various embalming and were able to appreciate with their own eyes the working conditions of the Puerto Rican embalmers. Immediately they noticed the little pay and high risks that we have to run during the preparation of a deceased and that was enough to make them lose their desire to study the same as their father. I personally continue to study and investigate the Mortuary Sciences. The subject of the history of embalming and the origins of the manufacture of embalming chemicals are my specialty and hobby. Like Chelo López, I own a collection of old books from our profession quite complete and from time to time we gather to exchange information, smoke a couple of cigars and drink several glasses of wine in the style of “talk.” This is one of the best ways to learn while enjoying life and sharing with colleagues.

In these days mortuary education in PR has greatly deteriorated. The standards of private schools to choose their teachers and their students are deplorable. Anyone who is needed can appear there to teach embalming classes and groups that start with 20 end up with 5 if they are lucky. Some of the teachers work hard and with what they have they do wonders but those are the least. With the increase of cremation and the alarming decline in the quality of jobs, one of the oldest professions in the world is being swept away and there will be no turning back. I think that for 10 years embalming will be as rare as cremation was 15 years ago in PR. It will only exist in history books. Until then, we will continue to contribute here to the professional improvement of our class.

7 Benefits of Dermal Fillers

The dermal fillers melbourne are one of the most popular non – surgical techniques to keep the young face.This procedure is increasingly demanded because it has significant benefits and because it works against fine lines, fine wrinkles, folds and facial furrows. Do you want to know more about the benefits of dermal fillers?
Benefits of Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers are injectable treatments with biocompatible solutions that can be injected into any area of the skin to increase volume. With this type of procedure, the wrinkles and any creases of the skin are the result of the aging process.

With the passage of time the skin loses elasticity and volume especially in the area of the cheeks and forehead. The result is a sagging skin with wrinkles, folds and overall a somewhat gaunt appearance. Thanks to the fillers you can restore the youthful appearance of the face.
1. The fillings do not require surgery , it is a procedure administered by injection without the risks of an intervention or anesthesia.
2. After a dermal filler treatment you can return to your normal routine without problem . Although there may be some bruise there will be no impediment to your normal life immediately.
3. Results instantly visible . Although we will have to wait a few weeks to see the complete and definitive result, the truth is that we can see the improvement right away.
4. Durable but not permanent results . Although it seems a disadvantage the truth is that with how easy this type of treatment can be resumed at another time. The fillings usually last up to 1 year and not requiring any type of recovery you can do it again when you need it.
5. The substances that are used of dermal filler help to improve the appearance of the skin since they stimulate the production of collagen leaving a much smoother complexion .
6. Even some types of filler are found naturally in the body so they are biocompatible and then distributed throughout the body.
7. Dermal fillers as a treatment against aging have minor side effects and a very low risk rate.
8. There are a variety of dermal fillers that fit any custom treatment.
Types of dermal fillers
There are several types of injectable fillers and even various brands. But it will be your plastic surgeon who after several consultations consider the most appropriate range for your specific case. Each filling has its own benefits and uses, and satisfies certain needs.
Some of the brands of dermal fillers that exist are Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm Voluma XC and Artefill.

Juvederm injection is one of the most popular gel injectables due to its soft consistency. It is a derivative of hilauronic acid, a natural protein that the organism itself produces. It is very effective in decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and furrows of various depths and also to increase the volume of the lips. This injectable gel also contains lidocaine so the patient will not feel any discomfort.
Perlane is another of the hilauronic acid fillers approved to treat soft tissue augmentation. It is very interesting and useful for treating severe facial creases and wrinkles on the face. It has a higher consistency to fill the deepest folds and cheek augmentation.
Restylane is one of the injectables of hilauronic acid that help fight against aging by softening wrinkles and folds. Many times it is used to improve the shape of the lip and the contour of the face. It is a very popular option because it carries a low risk of allergic reaction.
Radiesse is one of the most prestigious alternatives of dermal fillers. It uses a synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite that will reduce the appearance of most wrinkles, folds and scars. It works by increasing the body’s own supply of collagen, improving the flexibility and the aspect of the skin. It is used to treat wrinkles and deep folds and also for cheek augmentation. It is one of the most enduring dermal fillers that exist today and has a low probability of allergic reaction.
Juvederm Voluma XC, is one of the most recent fillings and specially designed to give volume to the area of the cheeks . It is also a derivative of hilauronic acid and provides results at the time.
ArteFill is the most innovative in dermal fillers, and is the first permanent or non-resorbable solution. With this new padding you can get a new and improved look long term and without surgery. Recommended to correct wrinkles, deep folds especially of the nasolabial zone and lines of expression. Not only is the product not reabsorbed by the body but over time it improves.
If you are looking for a solution to rejuvenate your needs, without surgery and with little discomfort, consider contacting Dr. Garcia-Dihinx to inform you about the advantages of dermal fillers.

The dirigibles: great giants of the airs

“MY FATHER was a radiotelegrapher in an airship, and he was passionate about his work,” he said to Awake! Mrs. Ingeborg Waldorf. Indeed, during the first decades of the last century, much of the world was fascinated by these huge aerostats, which made them feel wherever they went.

The era of these colossal ships occupied the first half of century XX, during which they shone like dazzling stars in the international firmament. However, their spectacular achievements would be eclipsed by equally spectacular catastrophes. In 1937, when the Hindenburg crashed in the American county of Lakehurst (New Jersey), that era that nevertheless offers an interesting history.

From hot air balloons to dirigibles

For centuries, the inventors tried to get the man to fly. In the eighteenth century, the French Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier observed that the smoke rose through the air and deduced that it must have some special property that would allow human beings to travel through the air. So they made a large bag of paper and cloth, and placed it on a steaming fire. The villagers who came to witness the experiment were astonished to see it ascend through the skies. It was June 1783: the Montgolfier brothers had just invented the hot air balloon. Five months later, the first manned flight took place on one of its balloons.

The drawback of these devices was that they had to follow the direction of the wind. To control the course, a propulsion device was needed. The first person who combined the ascent with the propulsion was the Frenchman Henri Giffard, who in 1852 manned an aerostat with steam engine. Instead of hot air, Giffard used to raise a lighter gas: hydrogen. Since that vehicle could be directed, it received the name of dirigible.

About ten years later, a German military man traveled to North America to follow closely the Civil War, in which both factions used balloons to make reconnaissance of enemy positions. The deep impression he received on his first aerostatic flight over the Mississippi River would help his surname remain indelibly linked to airships. It was Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

Count Zeppelin’s gigantic aircraft

According to certain testimonies, the count acquired the plans of an airship with aluminum structure of its inventor, Croat David Schwarz. Zeppelin was fascinated by the idea of ​​building aerostats whose dimensions allowed the transport of many passengers or heavy loads. That is why he made dirigibles with a metallic skeleton and cloth cover that were distinguished by their formidable size and pure form. * Inside the frame, or under it, they carried a cabin, or gondola, that accommodated the crew, as well as the passengers, who sometimes lodged in the belly of the ship. The upward force was provided by hydrogen, distributed in several compartments – reservoirs or gas bags – located inside the frame, and the propulsion was obtained by motors installed on it. The aerostatic experiments earned Zeppelin fame as a reckless eccentric, but ended up triumphing.

Zeppelin left the army and focused on the design and manufacture of airships. His first creation made the maiden voyage near the German city of Friedrichshafen in July 1900. The crowds crowded on the shores of Lake Constance to see how it hovered for eighteen minutes that cylinder 127 meters long. After this was founded the aircraft manufacturer Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH, which manufactured more airships. The count went from eccentric to a world figure, praised by the Kaiser as the most illustrious German of the twentieth century.

The first passenger airline in the world

Zeppelin believed that his gigantic aerostats would allow Germany to achieve aerial supremacy. Thus, during World War I, the army of his country used them to spy on enemy territory and even to throw bombs. In fact, the most destructive air raid during that conflict was made by an airship that flew over London.

However, civil aviation enthusiasts recognized their potential for passenger transportation. Hence the founding of the Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktien-Gesellschaft (German Air Transport Company), the first civil airline in the world, which over the years extended its services outside Europe. For example, the dirigibles Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg made trips back and forth between Germany and places like Rio de Janeiro and Lakehurst.

The airship fever spread to the United States. In 1928, when Graf Zeppelin carried out his inaugural flight, a transatlantic voyage between Friedrichshafen and the American east coast , when the Graf Zeppelin made a dash to the gardens of the White House to see the passage of the colossus. In New York, the enthusiasm was overflowing, to such a degree that the city received the crew with a triumphal parade.

Aboard the Hindenburg

The airship flight did not resemble today’s plane travel. Imagine what it was like to climb the Hindenburg, three times as long as a jumbo jet and with a height of thirteen stories. The traveler did not have a single seat, but an entire cabin with a bed and bathroom with top rated toilets. He did not have to fasten a seat belt during the take-off, but it was possible to stay in the cabin or walk in the gallery, looking through the windows, which could be opened. All these facilities for the passengers were in the huge belly of the ship.

According to the book Hindenburg-An Illustrated History, 50 diners were served in the dining room with silver cutlery, chinaware and white tablecloths. A typical transatlantic voyage used 800 eggs, 200 kilos of beef and poultry, and 100 of butter. There was a kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances to make and refrigerate the food, as well as to make ice. A grand piano adorned the living room, where a stewardess attended the passengers.

In Hindenburg the comfort over speed prevailed. Moving at almost 130 kilometers per hour and at an altitude of 200 meters, in 1936 he made his fastest transatlantic trip: about forty-three hours. The crossing was usually gentle. So much so that, on a flight from Lakehurst, a passenger so tiredly climbed the airship that she slept in the cabin. Later he called the flight attendant and demanded that he tell him when they were finally leaving. Disconcerted, this one indicated that they had been in the air for two hours. “Do not deceive me!” Replied the lady, who did not believe him until she went into the living room and saw the coast of New England from above.

The most famous aircraft of all time

The era of the dirigible reached its peak in 1929, with the return to the world of Graf Zeppelin. Beginning officially in Lakehurst, he circumnavigated the globe from west to east in twenty-one days, with stopovers in Friedrichshafen, Tokyo-where 250,000 people were welcomed-in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Two years later he made history again by meeting in the Arctic with a Russian icebreaker. He says the work Hindenburg-An Illustrated History: “By now the Graf Zeppelin had an almost mystical reputation and caused a stir wherever he went. It is not risky to say that it was the most famous aircraft of all time, even more so than the modern Concorde. “

Other nations also augured a great future for rigid airships. Britain planned to build a fleet of silver giants that, with regular flights to India and Australia, join the remotest corners of the empire. In the United States, Shenandoah was the first to use helium instead of flammable hydrogen. In addition, the Akron and the Macon could launch and recover in flight small ships that kept inside. Thanks to the radiocompás, the Macon was the first air carrier of high efficiency.

Spectacular catastrophes

“In fact, my father loved to fly,” Mrs. Waldorf continued, mentioned at first, “but she was worried about the risks.” Of course, he made those trips during World War I. However, despite their famous achievements, they were dangerous ships even in times of peace. For what reason?

One of his great enemies was bad weather. For example, 8 of the first 24 aircraft built by Count Zeppelin were lost because of this. In 1925, the fury of the winds tore American Shenandoah in mid-flight. Finally, two other weather-related air disasters – the loss of the Akron in 1933 and the Macon less than two years later – marked the end of the era of gigantic rigid airships in the United States.

British hopes were on R-101. But in 1930, in his first trip from Great Britain to India, he did not surpass France, where the rigor of the climate made him crash. One writer points out that “since the loss of the Titanic in 1912, no disaster had so moved national opinion.” The heyday of the rigid airships of the United Kingdom came to an end.

Nevertheless, the German airship industry kept its confidence alive, until a catastrophe struck the world. In May 1937, on a trip from Frankfurt to New Jersey, the Hindenburg maneuvered to land at Lakehurst’s Naval Air Station when a small fire fungus suddenly emerged on the outer deck, near the tail. The hydrogen combustion of the bags quickly wrapped the ship in flames, which claimed 36 lives.

For the first time, the television cameras recorded the disaster live. The film roll of the thirty-four catastrophic seconds -from the first flame until the colossus crashes to the ground-was displayed all over the world, with remarks, drowned out by the pain, of the reporter: “It’s on fire, everything It becomes flames. […] Poor humanity and poor passengers! ” In a sense, the more than thirty years of gigantic dirigibles ended in only thirty-four seconds.

A new generation of blimps

The city of Friedrichshafen never lost the fascination with airships. The Zeppelin Museum takes visitors on a journey through time, giving them the opportunity to climb a reconstructed section of the Hindenburg. A museum guide, who saw the original ship at the Berlin Olympics (1936), said to Awake !: “There are no words to describe how we felt before those airships. It was overwhelming. “

It is announced that a new generation of dirigibles are on the way, benefiting from the latest advances in technology. Smaller than their enormous predecessors, they are prepared for “exclusive, quiet and ecological tourism”. Will they reach as high a heights as their ancestors, the great flying giants? Time will tell.


Feeding the Mini is one of the most important aspects to take care of when you have a child. Ensuring a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet for its proper development becomes fundamental.

In the market can find infinity of processors of infantile foods that will help you to elaborate easily and quickly the food of your Mini, but how to know which to choose>? What aspects should be taken into account before buying a kitchen robot?

We have conducted a research of more than 50 hours, where we have analyzed and compared more than 40 products on the market, selecting the 5 best mini food processors on the market to prepare the small food of the house.

Throughout this complete guide you can find 3 useful items with relevant information that will help you choose the best the best Mini food processor:

Before Buying a Mini Food Processor: Tips
Comparatives and prices
The Best Mini Food Processor of 2016
If you already have clear what you want, in the following links you have our recommendations and the general catalog. If you want more information or do not know what are the best alternatives currently offered by the market … read on!


A Mini food processor can become a useful tool to quickly and easily prepare your Mini’s meals at home, giving you the opportunity to prepare quality dishes for your Mini and to know at all times what you eat.

Before buying a child food processor it is worth stopping to assess the characteristics of it. We recommend that you keep these recommendations in mind:

Choose a complete model with multiple functions (mixer, juicer, chopper, kneader, blender and much more on the same machine)
Be sure to always bet by first brands in the market to enjoy the maximum guarantees of satisfaction
Check that the model purchased is made of durable, durable and easy-to-clean materials
It is important that you ensure that the chosen child food processor scrupulously complies with current safety regulations
It is vital that the product chosen is not made with any toxic product that could be transmitted to your Mini’s food
It is important to make sure that the food processor fits perfectly to your needs, that it is manageable, practical and functional
If you are going to have a Mini, do not hesitate to purchase a food processor that will help you to prepare your meals easily and quickly, making sure you eat healthy and nutritious foods.


The Mini food processor will become a great ally in the kitchen to prepare your child’s meals, so make sure you opt for a quality model that perfectly matches your function.

It is essential that when carrying out the purchase of a food processor or food processor take into account some essential factors to consider:

Brands: Choosing a brand recognized in the market will give you many more guarantees of success when choosing your food processor for children. You can find many interesting proposals like Chicco, Philips Avent, Taurus or DeLonghi, Duronic, among others
Functions : It is recommended to choose a multifunctional model, that is to say, that offers the possibility to perform several functions with the same apparatus (mixer, juicer, chopper, kneader, blender, cooker, etc.)
Cleaning . Check that it is a model easily removable to be able to proceed to its easy cleaning after use. It is key that it is a safe and hygienic product for your Mini, since it will be where your food is prepared.
Capacity: Choosing a model with more or less capacity will mainly depend on your specific needs. If you wish to prepare food for several times or prepare the food jointly of other members of the family, we recommend a processor with good capacity.
Programming: It is convenient to allow you to program the preparation of your meals so you can carefree once you add food inside, and also have automatic shutdown once it is finished.
Materials: In addition to being materials that comply with the current safety regulations, it is key that it does not have toxic compounds, besides being resistant, and durable.
Portable: If you are a couple that travels a lot from place to place with your Mini, it is appropriate to choose a portable and compact model that allows you to take it wherever you want and to make rich dishes for your Mini.
Most Popular Brands

Parents who are going to buy a Mini food processor will find many brands on the market, but they are especially noteworthy:

Duronic: The Duronic brand, always thinking about the wellbeing and safety of the smallest of the house, makes available to parents a wide assortment of food processors with an exceptional value for money.
Philips Avent: Another of the top brands on the market is Philips Avent, one of the most popular brands of Mini food processors on the market, as this brand offers quality, price, design, strength and many facilities to parents.
Chicco: Chicco brand, par excellence brand of children’s products of all kinds that has for sale an extensive assortment of products to prepare your Mini’s food quickly, easily and safely, without neglecting the quality and the price.
Price range

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a Mini food processor you should know that the market there are options from 20 Euros that can be of great help to you to elaborate the small dishes of the house.

If you are looking for a sophisticated, modern model that gives you all the possible facilities, you should know that the cost of these sections can reach up to 250-300 Euros.

A course of kayaking, open air activites, camping and nature

Twenty students from various UC careers participate in the summer academic season (TAV) of Campus Villarrica, called “Kayak, Campamento y naturaleza”. The course will be held from Monday 5 until Friday 16 January .

The students who are participating in the TAV belong to the engineering courses common plan, commercial engineering, agronomy, medicine, college and education, among others. During the course of optional, practical and theoretical nature, they carry out various activities covering topics such as natural heritage, techniques of minimum environmental impact, leadership, first aid, outdoor life and camps.

Diego Hurtado, coordinator of TAV and professor of Physical Education, said: “It is the second year that we conducted the course” Kayak, Campamento y Naturaleza “. This season we had great interest of the students of different races of the UC, where we have 20 participants during two weeks. The course wishes to contribute to the training and specialization of all nature-loving person, giving the opportunity to enjoy the lake, by means of kayak; Of forests and nature reserves, through trekking; And of the flora and fauna, by means of its history and characteristics “.

The course aims to provide a theoretical and practical framework for basic kayak navigation in a lake system from seakayakermag, the use of outdoor life techniques and knowledge of the aquatic ecosystem, which will allow the future professional to implement this new knowledge In their daily work and / or as a potential alternative to work and even as methodological innovation of the corresponding specialty.

The director of the campus, Antonio Hargreaves, explained: “Taking the course at the Villarrica campus allows students from other UC careers to come and meet the campus and share with students, teachers and officials. This year the interest increased notably, only one of the participants knew the campus . For two weeks the young people will be able to carry out various activities in the open air and in the classroom, to enjoy and to know our area “.

Comparison Of The Best Fryers Without Oil before Skydiving

Since I do not know if the manager was a sorcerer because it seems that, more and more, we face that point. But no, I do not sell you Soylent Green pills, but I do come to show you the best fryer without oil! The new fashionable device suitable for young people who take care of themselves. Read el artículo entero below.

Worth buying a fryer without ? The food always fries and in every circumstance tastes good, but we know that it is mainly because of the amount of oil it carries, and that so much oil is not good for new fryers without oil promise exquisite food with 80 percent less fat, “but Do you really know the food of a fryer without oil? By the time I arrived without oil fryer home, were intrigued and came to see It worked and see if the publicity was true. How do you plan to fry something without oil? “They said to me – the answer is clear: You can not fry without oil, these fryers use a combination of hot air and grill plate to cook food, which are placed in a removable basket.

Most oil-free fryers come with recipe books to cook other foods (pizzas, meats and even desserts) but my main goal, as many people are frying potatoes, croquettes nuggets without recommending so much use of pre-cooked chips ( Of the frozen ones that are already cut) since they take some oil so that they are more roasting than a natural potato (although you can also use natural potatoes but they take something more according to the variety). You throw them to the tray, you close the lid, You select the necessary program and half of the cooking opens to give them a turn (this does not happen with the oil-free fryer Actifry as long as it takes a few blades to move the groceries well by each side). The first round of potatoes I made with the oil-free fryer came out well (they were natural potato cut wide), but I did not notice the difference to have them baked, because they were terrible, but it was not like eating French fries “, they lacked that point Of crackling that gives the oil.

Eating healthy has become a necessary habit today, but to achieve it you need the best implements in your kitchen. The best oil-free fryer on the market is the Phillips HD9220 / 20. It is a pot with a series of elements suitable for cooking healthy food: adjustable temperature control so you can regulate the time and quality of cooking (without burning anything), timer that tells you when cooking is ready To be more than sure of what you cooked, and incorporates a mechanism of automatic disconnection to avoid both a higher energy consumption and that the foodstuffs will burn.

Among the things that I miss most in my diet to take care of a bit are the chips. Theoretically they only carry 140 kcal / 100 gr. (The frozen ones to fry) but to that it is necessary to add the calories of the fats … that are not few … Thanks to this great fryer (without oil) I can take French fries, sticks of chicken, croquettes, fish sticks , etc. Without incorporating unnecessary fats and which are also unhealthy and expensive. ultimately you save money and gain health.

Jocca oil-free fryers will leave you in a few minutes to fry in a healthy way. With a power of 1500W make this fryer fast.

It incorporates an oven function, increasing its cooking capabilities to cakes, lasagne and other cooking that require baking, coupled with the large capacity of five liters in your ceramic container, ideal for burners and ovens (just in case you want to use a traditional one) . It has the ability to program the temperature and the cooking time with buttons, avoiding leaving things to the test and letting other activities to be carried out with total safety. In case you are new to the culinary grounds, it includes a recipe book with more than 50 recipes to help you recreate healthy palates.

Another reason that makes it great is the incorporation of an integrated air filter to avoid letting smells of cooking to your environment, keeping it fresh and clean. In addition to this, you have the possibility to wash it in the dishwasher, so you will not waste a good time or effort in cleaning it.

How should a pilot eat?

the 3 week diet system review a healthy diet is balanced by the different immediate principles and by the intake of adequate amounts to the age, weight and activities of people: quality and quantity will be the objectives.

Deviations, either by excess (overfeeding) or by default (insufficient feeding) can have unfavorable repercussions on flight. And, in turn, the flight activity usually interrupts or modifies the pilot’s basic habits (sleep, food and drink) and should plan food to suit the demands of aerial work.


The amount of energy that nutrients provide is measurable. The basic unit is the calorie (unit of measurement of quantity of heat required to spend 1 gram of water from 14.5 ° to 15.5 °). In fact when we speak of “calories” in colloquial language, we refer to “Calories” (in capital letters) or kilocalories (a thousand times greater unit).

Energy needs will depend on spending on basal conditions plus energy expenditure. Basal expenditure or metabolism refers to the minimum consumption needed to sustain life. For a young adult comes to be about 1,500 Kcal / day. The energy expenditure is mainly determined by physical exercise. Flight crew in general can be considered to perform moderate physical activity (175 Kcal / hour) and therefore daily requirements will vary between 2,200-3,000 Kcal / day depending on sex, weight and type of flight. A simple formula to calculate your needs is to multiply the weight by 35 and you will get an approximate value.


Already known quantity requirements, the crew must know that this energy obtained from the immediate principles of food: carbohydrates or carbohydrates, lipids or fats and proteins , plus diet include vitamins and minerals . The percentage of them comes to be: 60% carbohydrates carbon, 25% fat, 15% protein. Adequate nutrition will give preference to carbohydrates of slow absorption against simple sugars, vegetable fats against animals and high-energy proteins.

Overall, the Spanish rider has it easy, must only follow tradition and based on the Mediterranean Las Mejores Pastillas para adelgazar Naturales diet that includes foods from the seven main groups : milk and dairy products; Meats, fish and eggs; Legumes and nuts; Vegetables and vegetables; fruits; Cereals and sugar and oils.


It is clear that the flight activity will influence the pilot’s feeding. Flying a commercial plane is not the same as a fighter bomber or an acrobatic aircraft. We know that the practice of not eating or doing irregularly for long periods contributes to fatigue, human error and therefore can become a factor affecting air safety. Insufficient pre-flight feeding can lead to mild hypoglycemia (blood sugar lowering) that can lead to disruptions that compromise the crew’s activities.

May be recommended generically to all drivers: The diet rich in carbohydrates, which provides glucose necessary for the proper functioning of the central nervous system , not fly on an empty stomach, eat easily digestible foods and avoid forming gas, And avoid flying after copious meals.

Drinking water should be “generous” especially if you sweat a lot (in this case, do not forget to add salt), and do not abuse stimulating drinks (coffee and tea). Alcohol is not a food and should not be mixed with flight.

Overfeeding should be avoided before and during the flight especially to prevent drowsiness and gas formation. In the long term, it should be avoided since obesity is a risk factor for multiple diseases,


It is recommended that all crew consume a balanced meal between 1 and 2 hours before takeoff. According to the schedule: if the flight is in the morning it may be a breakfast and if it is in the afternoon or evening a meal based on carbohydrates. Foods that cause flatulence, as well as foods with a lot of fat that are digested with greater difficulty should be avoided. You should consume enough water to be well hydrated.


The food in flight usually is compromised by the limitation of space, the general equipment and the exigencies of the flight. As a general rule, all aircraft operating long-haul flights must provide the necessary equipment to be able to offer hot food to the crew every 6 hours. Likewise it is recommended a provision of liquid of 1.5 liters of water per person and 16 hours of flight. The acceptability of food is different from ground and an additional problem is usually the monotony of the diet on repeated flights. Liquids are very important and should be available at any time. The most accepted are fresh water, coffee from nespresso compatible capsules sg, tea and fruit juices.


The food of the personnel returning from a flight has as main function to balance the nutritional deficiencies that could have occurred in the prolonged or especially intense flights. Good nutrition is the responsibility of the crew member himself, he must understand and recognize the value of good food as a factor of general well-being and development of one’s own health in the medium and long term.

Effects of flight on food
  1. Decreased mobility of the digestive tract; Slow emptying of the stomach.
  2. Decreased gastric secretion.
  3. Expansion of intestinal gas.
  4. Limited time to eat (huge rush).
  5. Uneven meal schedule for commercial flight schedules.
  6. Qualitative changes by catering imperative.

Industrial cleaning service – hotel carpets, airport floors, machines containing contaminated areas

Quality service industrial cleaningwe provide is characterized by excellent and responds satisfactorily to the needs, expectations and desires of demanding customers from different industrial sectors.

The company providing the highest quality in the service of industrial cleaning is Tecnovapor, a company that has over forty years dedicated to meet the most stringent sanitation works, decontamination and sterilization.

Extensive experience in industrial cleaning service

The facilities, where the professional experts are willing to provide you with the most efficient personalized attention you deserve, explain about the industrial cleaning service and answer the questions you ask about it, Visit

With the industrial cleaning service we provide, the professionals ensure that hotel carpets, airport floors, machines containing contaminated areas, among other places are completely clean and disinfected.

Our professionals, who have deep knowledge about the handling of state-of-the-art technological equipment from Italian brands such as Ghibli and Pacriva, are responsible for providing the highest quality in the industrial cleaning service required by customers.

Ask us about the industrial cleaning service we offer, right now!

In addition to the industrial cleaning service we provide, we deal with other jobs such as desalination, thinning to remove the roughest parts of surfaces, grease degreasing, staining to remove stains, sterilization, decontamination of contaminated areas and descaling of chewing gum .

Understand and account for a airport operators invoice

Often present in international operations, freight forwarders, who are charged with negotiating with carriers and organizing transport, often have a very specific method of billing.

This term (forwarder) is first and foremost a generic name that groups together a number of activities.From a purely legal point of view, there are both agents (customs agents, port freight forwarders or airport operators) and commission agents (group consignor, road charterer, authorized economic operator).

Finally, freight forwarders specialize according to the mode of transport, the geographical area, the goods, the type of operations …

There are two types of invoices that can be issued by freight forwarders: import and export.

Accounting for the freight forwarder’s invoice: the different accounts to be used

To properly account for the invoice of a freight forwarder, one must first understand it and understand certain specificities of their operations. Once the different lines have been understood, the accounts to be used are always the same.

Expense accounts are used for items at the expense of the company such as customs duties, fees or remuneration of freight forwarder and freight charges.

The schedule of entries thus becomes the following (subject to not incorporating the costs into the purchasing accounts concerned):

60xxx For customs duties
6224xx Remuneration of freight forwarder
6241xx Shipping costs
445660 VAT on goods, customs duties and freight forwarding charges (with option for debits, 445860 otherwise)
401xx Supplier X

As far as customs duties are concerned, they will be incorporated into the purchasing costs of the raw materials or goods, whenever the allocation is possible. In the case of goods, customs duties must be entered in account 607000, which corresponds to the goods purchased or in a sub-account (example: 607110 customs duties on type A goods). The use of an account 608xxx “accessory purchase costs” is also possible.

Account 635xxx dedicated to customs duties will only be used if customs duties can not be charged to the purchase cost. Visit Online bookkeeper gold coast for more information.

Understanding the invoice of a freight forwarder to import: the different lines lines – customs duties, VAT and freight charges …

When importing, the freight forwarder’s bill is often accompanied by:

It usually comprises two columns depending on whether or not the transactions are subject to VAT in France.

The following table is based on the regulatory framework for invoicing proposed by the Federation of Transport and Logistics Companies of France (TLF). The following table is just one example. Not all of these lines are always present on all invoices.

The customs agent usually makes advance payments of duties and taxes for imported goods, hence the presence of VAT and customs duties.

Intervention fees are fees, freely negotiated between the commission agent and his client.

The collection credit is a guarantee given by a bank or an insurance company to the commission agent, which entails a financial charge which the latter then passes on to each importer.

The advance of funds is the remuneration of the commission agent who advances the duties and taxes for his importing customer. It represents 1% of duties and taxes per month.

The insurance and management line is filled in when the freight forwarder assumes the insurance of the risks of transport and the rebacture to his customer with a management fee in addition.

The last part of the invoice makes it possible to total the taxable and non-taxable amounts and to indicate the VAT invoiced in addition by the freight forwarder.


Invoicing a freight forwarder is easier than importing

Because export clearance is much simpler than importing, these bills are much simpler than the previous ones.

Only the customs agent’s expense lines and the freight forwarder’s costs (including freight costs) generally remain.

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